Projects:Tenant Finishes
Telluride Daily Planet

The challenge-part one: Combine all disciplines
of the newspaper into one large office space.
The Telluride Daily Planet was moving from a very
large multi-space office into one smaller open space.
The challenge-part two: Extremely short timeframe

The newspaper needed a seamless transfer into
their new space to make daily print deadlines.
We were able to accomplish both.

Telluride Remodeling worked closely with the owner and
publisher on layout, design and material choices to
provide the most efficient and easy-to-use space
within a very tight timeline.

A unique use of materials was utilized to create
transparent walls, which enabled us to capture
daylight in the central room area- a huge energy
saving for The Daily Planet. A green approach to the
project was followed in other aspects as well such
as using zero VOC paint and wood sealer, low VOC
carpet glue, glass in doors for maximum day light
and efficient use of office space.